Item 45 - Chapbooks, prints, and cuttings relating to notable criminals

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Crewe MS/45


Chapbooks, prints, and cuttings relating to notable criminals


  • 1733–95 (Produção)

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1 volume (32 x 21 cm), containing 151 leaves and 4 loose sheets. Folios 2, 3, 5–7, 9, 11, 13, 15–23, 31–2, 34–6, 38–44, 51, 53–6, 58–63, 65–70, 74, 76–90, 93–108, 111–27, and 132–47 have prints or printed sheets mounted on them, the sheets being inserted into spaces cut out of the leaves. Folios 4r, 4v, 8v, 24r, 25r–26r, 27r, 28r, 29r,30v, 46r–47r, 48r, 49r–50v, 52r, 53r, 75v, 109r, and 131v have prints, printed sheets, and cuttings pasted to them. (A cutting has evidently been lost from the top of f. 25r.) Only f. 47v is written on. Folios 1, 8r, 10, 12, 14, 24v , 26v, 27v, 28v, 29v, 30r, 33, 37, 45, 48v, 52v, 57, 64, 71–2, 73r, 75r, 91–2, 109v, 110, 128–30, 131r, and 148–51 are blank. Half-bound.

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The armorial bookplate of Robert, Earl of Crewe, is pasted inside the front cover.

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See the separate descriptions of the contents. On the spine is stamped ‘Lives of Remarkable Criminals 1760 to 1780—London’.

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Foliated 1–151, with four loose sheets.

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    The loose sheets are stored separately.

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    Bibliography of printed works referred to in this catalogue

    (ESTC numbers in brackets)

    The Trial of the Notorious Highwayman Richard Turpin, 1739 (T112935)

    An Account of the Execution of the late Laurence, Earl Ferrers, 1760 (T18836)

    A Circumstantial Account of that Unfortunate Young Lady Miss Bell, London: T. Trueman, 1761 (not in ESTC)

    The Genuine Life of William Cox, the Notorious Robber, [1773] (T095357)

    The Genuine Life, Trial, etc., of John Rann, otherwise Sixteen-Strings Jack, now under sentence of death at Newgate, containing an account of his birth and family, his different places of servitude, the many daring robberies he committed, his trail [sic] for robbing Mr Bell, for which he is to suffer, and his behaviour since he has been cast for death; also the life of Miss Roche, his kept mistress, now under sentence of transportation for fourteen years, with sever-al anecdotes both in her public and private life; with an account of Collier, Shepherd, and Clayton, three of Rann’s companions, London, 1774 (not in ESTC)

    Genuine Memoirs of the Life, Family, and Behaviour of Laurence Shirley, Earl of Ferrers, who was executed at Tyburn on Monday the fifth of May 1760 for the murder of his steward Mr Johnston [sic], London: T. Bailey, [1760] (not in ESTC)

    The Genuine Narrative of the Life and Transactions of Major Maurice Keating, the noted Pirate and Murderer … to which is added a true and faithful account of the loss of the brigantine ‘Tyrrell’, [1784] (T121541) (the BL copy lacks pp. 17–32, which contain an account of the loss of the Tyrrell, subscribed by Thomas Purnell)

    A Pious Warning to Impenitent Sinners set forth in the Last Speech and Dying Words of William Dunkan, an House-Breaker, who was Executed at Tyburn … on Saturday Aug. 10, 1751, [1751] (not in ESTC)

    — Thompson, The Female Amazon, or a Genuine Account of the … Life of … Miss Fanny Davies, 1786 (T073613)



    The Tyburn Chronicle, or Villainy Display’d, 4 vols., 1768

    The Malefactor’s Register, or the Newgate and Tyburn Calendar, 5 vols., 1779

    William Jackson, The New and Complete Newgate Calendar, or Villany Displayed in all its Branches, 6 vols., 1795



    The London Chronicle, or Universal Evening Post

    The London Daily Post and General Advertiser

    The London Evening Post

    The Penny London Post, or the Morning Advertiser

    The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure

    The Whitehall Evening Post, or London Intelligencer



    Walter Harrison, A New and Universal History, Description, and Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, the Borough of Southwark, and their Adjacent Parts, 1775


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