Class 1 - Correspondence of Lord and Lady Pethick-Lawrence, A–G

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Correspondence of Lord and Lady Pethick-Lawrence, A–G


  • 1918–61 (Creación)

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The contents of the present class relate to the following:

Viscount Alexander of Hillsborough (1–4)
Allen & Unwin Ltd (5–12)
The American War Memorial Chapel (13–17)
L. S. Amery (18–21)
Lord Ammon (22–9)
Rajkumari Amrit Kaur (30–9)
Louisa Garrett Anderson (40–56)
Earl Attlee (57–81)
A. K. Azad (82–7, 88a–c, 89–90)
Lord Balfour of Burleigh (91)
George Benson (92–4)
Phyllis Bentley (95–100)
The British-Asian and Overseas Socialist Fellowship (101–2, 103a–b)
R. A. Butler (104)
Lord Casey (105–15, 115a, 116–18)
Viscount Cecil of Chelwood (119–46)
Viscount Chandos (147–51)
Tara Cherian (152–7)
G. D. H. and M. I. Cole (158–69)
Lord Coleraine (170–1)
Hugh and Ruth Dalton (172–87, 188a–b, 189–203)
Eamon De Valera (204–5)
The Duke of Devonshire (206–7)
The Earl of Dundee (208–9)
Lady Durning-Lawrence (210)
The East and West Friendship Council (211–30)
The East India Association (231a–b, 232–43)
Anthony Eden (244–6)
Walter Elliot and Lady Elliot of Harwood (247–50)
Lady Elphinstone (251–2)
Eton College (253–6, 257a–e, 258–60)
The Fabian Society (261–76)
The Field Security Police (277a–b, 278–80)
E. M. Forster (281–97)
Margery Fry (298–303, 304a–b, 305–21)
Hugh Gaitskell (322–3)
Indira Gandhi (324)
The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Fund (325–6)
R. C. Ghose (327–34, 335a–b, 336–7, 338a–b, 339a–c, 340)
Thomas Gold (341–56)
Victor Gollancz Ltd (357–79)
Sir Ernest and Lady Graham-Little (380, 381a–b, 382–9, 390a–b, 391–5)

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Sistema de arreglo

1/1–3/333, which appear to derive entirely from the Pethick-Lawrences’ numbered correspondence files, form a single sequence, arranged alphabetically by correspondent or organisation. These papers probably arrived in the Library in labelled folders, which were used to construct the present alphabetical arrangement and then discarded.

Judging by the file-numbers marked on some items, the contents of files have generally been kept together, but it is likely that in some cases the names under which the items are arranged are not those of the original files. 1/206–7 probably came from the same file as 1/105–18, and 1/244–6 may have come from the same file as the documents among 1/298–321 on the same subject, while 1/104 and 1/208–9 came from the same file as 3/120–3. It is unclear why the pamphlet 1/93 is with letters from George Benson. 1/115a was omitted from the original numbering of the papers.

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The letters and cards from E. M. Forster (1/281–95) are listed in M. Lago, Calendar of the Letters of E. M. Forster (1985), pp. 140–1, where the addressee of 1/282 is mistakenly identified as Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence.

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