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Part of a letter to W. W. Greg
MSPB/8 · Parte · 1931 x 1959
Parte de Manuscripts in Printed Books



In your Court Records p. 93 (13 April 1603) you may care to refer to Arber II. 38. There was a London edition of the Lepanto published by Stafford and Hooke, 1603. A copy was in Bindley IV. 410—Heber IV. 1189—Britwell (private cat. of Eng. poetry II. 220, but not, apparently sold at Sotheby’s, see Checklist). See Arber III. 232.


Manuscripts in Printed Books
MSPB · Fondo · 1791-1955

Most of the items included in this category are letters, and most are connected with the publications into which they are inserted.

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MSPB/62 · Unidad documental simple · 3 Jul. [1877?]
Parte de Manuscripts in Printed Books

3 Bolton St. - Thanks Lord Houghton for his note about the book [The American]; agrees that 'the Bellegardes are rather "belated". They would have been more probable under the old régime; but I suppose a novelist has always to force matters a little. But even to modified Bellegardes an American savoring much of the soil would never have been acceptable. The French don't at all like the Americans (according to my observation) - none, that is, save M. [Charles Frederick] Worth; & he, I believe, is English!. But the French, after all, don't like any one but the French!...'

Hopes that Houghton has completely recovered. Will leave town in a few days, but will visit Houghton before he does so. 'Yours faithfully & gratefully, H. James jr.'

MSPB/73 · Unidad documental simple · 18 Feb. 1871
Parte de Manuscripts in Printed Books

Bridge House, Matlock, Derbyshire. - Sent a 'small Páli MS and a printed Buddhist tract to Trinity Library yesterday, and with this letter sends his copy of Rask's Sinhalese gramma, 'a work of exceeding rarity, and which I do not think any English library possesses. Gives him great pleasure 'to confide this valuable volume to such able and enlightened keeping as that of the Master and fellows of Trinity College.'

MSPB/72 · Unidad documental simple · 18 Jan. 1871
Parte de Manuscripts in Printed Books

Bridge House, Matlock, Derbyshire. -Is sending a Sinhalese manuscript to Trinity Library by this post: 'Saǹkhyátha Prakáça - A collection of Buddhist "classifications". A Sinhalese M.S. The technical terms being given partly in Sinhalese and partly in Páli'.