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Honours and awards

James Watt International Gold Medal, Institution of Mechanical Engineers 1964 (Letter of award, citation), Hon. Member, Mathematical Society of Cork 1965 (Letter of election, referring to George Boole), Hon. D.Sc. University of Michigan, as part of a program `The Voices of Civilization' to mark 150th anniversary of university 1966 (Letter), Foreign Member, USSR Academy of Sciences 1966 (Telegrams), Order of Merit 1968 (List of Members), Von Kármán Medal, American Society of Civil Engineers 1969 (Correspondence, including ms. letter from Taylor)

Correspondence with Macdonald & Company (Publishers) Limited, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited and J J McHenry

Includes correspondence on Thomson's foreword to the English edition of R.A. Millikan's autobiography, including a letter of thanks from Millikan, on Thomson's book 'Wave Mechanics of Free Electrons', and a biographical article for `Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology'.

Correspondence concerning conferences, visits etc

Conference on aeronautical engineering, Southampton. 1962
Tenth International Congress, International Association for Hydraulic Research, London. 1963
Fire Research Station. 1963
Conference at University of Auckland. 1964
Institute for the study of metals, University of Chicago. 1965
Talk to Royal Aeronautical Society, Bedford Branch. 1965

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