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Letter from E. M. Forster to Lord Pethick-Lawrence

King’s College, Cambridge.—He may be going to London when Pethick-Lawrence visits Cambridge, but will let him know if he does not.

(Acknowledged 4 Mar. 1960.)




Dear Pethick Lawrence

How kind of you to let me know of your visit to Cambridge.

I may, I fear, be going to London early on Friday afternoon. If I do not go I will send you word at Trinity.

Yours ever
E M Forster


Marked ‘P-L ack: 4/3/60.’

Postcard from E. M. Forster to Lord Pethick-Lawrence

(Cambridge.)—Will be in Cambridge on Saturday, but his movements are uncertain.

(Undated. Postmarked 12 Mar. 1958.)


How kind of you to let me know. Yes—I am in Cambridge Saturday, but movements uncertain since I shall have friends visiting me.—So I do not really like to set you toiling up those stairs and possibly {1} not finding me at the top of them.

Wishes {1}

[Direction:] The Rt. Hon. Lord Pethick-Lawrence, | 11, Old Square, | Lincoln’s Inn, | London, | W.C.2.


Postmarked at Cambridge at 3.45 p.m. on 12 Mar. 1958.

{1} Indistinct.

Postcard from E. M. Forster to Lord Pethick-Lawrence

King’s College, Cambridge.—Is going away on Saturday morning.

(Undated. Postmarked 13 Mar. 1958.)



King’s College, Cambridge

I do hope this will catch you. It is an attempt to save you the trouble of climbing these stairs. unfortunately I go off Saturday morning


[Direction:] Lord Pethick Lawrence | 11 Old Square | Lincolns Inn | W.C.2


Postmarked at Cambridge at 7.30(?) p.m. on 13 June 1958.

Memorandum by Kenneth Mellanby

Urges the importance of subsidising education in Nigeria.

(Probably written in connection with the Lords debate on colonial affairs. See 1/273–5.)

Letter from Barbara Drake to F. W. Pethick-Lawrence

Labour Research Department, 9 Old Court Mansions, Kensington, W.—Is glad he can come to the meeting of the women’s committee. Asks him to look at the rough draft of a report on women in trade unions.



Labour Research Department {1} 9 Old Court Mansions, Kensington W.
May 4

Dear Mr Pethick Lawrence,

I am hoping so much that you will be able to attend the meeting of our women’s committee on Tuesday June 1st. It would be a great help to have you.

The rough draft of our report on women in trade unions {2} is now practically complete & lying for inspection at 34 Eccleston Square.

I should be grateful if you could find time to look at it. & let me have any criticisms before the meeting.

Unfortunately, for financial reasons, we have only one typed copy.

Yrs sincerely
Barbara Drake


{1} These three words were added above the printed address by hand and underlined.

{2} Barbara Drake, Women in Trade Unions (Labour Research Department, 1920).

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