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W. Aldis Wright: Philological papers, etc.

This is a miscellaneous collection of letters, printed papers, and memoranda relating to a number of Wright’s philological and literary interests, including English dialects and the works of Shakespeare.

Wright, William Aldis (1831-1914), literary and biblical scholar

Scientific Correspondence

The material is presented alphabetically, with dates and a brief indication of any information of particular interest.

Taylor's undimmed scientific reputation, the high respect he enjoyed, and the eagerness with which younger scientists continued to seek and accept his advice, emerge with remarkable clarity from the letters, most of which date from the later period of his life.

As with the personal correspondence in Section A, only incoming letters usually survive. Professor G.K. Batchelor was, however, able to obtain originals or photocopies of Taylor's letters from some of his correspondents, and thus reconstruct a relatively complete sequence. Examples of this can be found at D.7, D.13, D.29, D.43-D.46, D.52, D.60, D.64, D.65, D.71, D.87.

Apart from these more substantial exchanges, some ms. drafts or copies of Taylor's replies to individual correspondents also survive. They are noted in the relevant entries. A full list is appended below for ease of reference.

D.6, D.7, D.9

D.10, D.12, D.13, D.14

D.21, D.24, D.29

D.30, D.35

D.41, D.44

D.50, D.52, D.53

D.60, D.64, D.65

D.71, D.72, D.74, D.76



Photograph album of Richard Appleton

On. f. 1r is written, ‘R. Appleton. Trin. Coll. Camb. May 1887.’ A later hand has written above this inscription, ‘Trinity College | Cambridge’, and below it, ‘My Grandfather May found [sic] in the roof of a house he bought in about 1930. No family value apart from above.’ ‘CAMBRIDGE’ is stamped on the front of the book in gilt gothic letters.

Appleton, Richard (1849-1909), college head

Papers of R. B. McKerrow

The papers mainly relate to McKerrow’s Introduction to Bibliography for Literary Students, first published in 1927, and two unpublished works—a bibliography of reprints of 16th and 17th century dramatists, and an essay on the elements of bibliography.

McKerrow, Ronald Brunlees (1872-1940), bibliographer and literary scholar

Papers of Dawson Turner

This collection mainly comprises letters by people of public significance in Dawson Turner’s day, many of them with East Anglian connections.

Turner, Dawson (1775-1858), banker, botanist, and antiquary

Lady Elisabeth Mary Babington Smith: General Correspondence

Letters from 1899 include correspondence on the birth and death of Mary Babington Smith.
Letters from 1909 include condolences on the death of Lady Constance Mary Bruce, Countess of Elgin.
Letters from 1917 include condolences on the death of Victor Alexander Bruce, 9th Earl of Elgin, and correspondence relating to the death of Hon. Alexander Bruce.

Papers of R. B. McKerrow

These letters and papers in this group all relate either to the works from which they were removed or to similar literary and bibliographical subjects.

McKerrow, Ronald Brunlees (1872-1940), bibliographer and literary scholar

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