Pièce 18 - Letter from Edwin Montagu to Venetia Stanley

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MONT II/B/1/18


Letter from Edwin Montagu to Venetia Stanley


  • 8 Sept. 1911 (Production)

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Archerfield House, Dirleton.—He enjoyed his walks with her at Alderley. Discusses his visit to Crewe Hall, and refers to his companions at Archerfield.

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Archerfield House, Dirleton R.S.O., Scotland
Sept 8th 1911.

I owe you a letter which I write with a greater alacrity because it is overdue, first to thank you for Alderley and next to tell you all about it.

As for Alderley I enjoyed it so much. Not only was the atmosphere fun but you gave me so many opportunities for those talks which I could find it easy to wish you enjoyed as much as I did. It is due to my imperfections of character that thus delight is always mixed up with a look-ing forward in great eagerness to more much more and as soon as may me†.

I stayed at Crewe till yesterday morning partly because it was fun of a new most interesting kind and partly because I had developed a cold which wanted a little nursing.

I was much on the defensive with Lady Crewe but she was quite delightful full of desire to talk and good amusing talk at that. She was most amiable and worked hard “to make-me-feel-at-home”. But——

Nevertheless I am most grateful to her and she did succe[e]d in inducing a belief that I got on fairly well with her.

As for him! I cant understand him. We were as threatened alone and he was wooden and Heygate to a degree for at least three quarters of the day. Then he woke up and became efficient, big, interested, interesting and full of stuff which one appreciated perforce amazingly. She is very much in love with him as if she like I were just beginning to understand him. Oh it was a more interesting time than I can possibly describe and there are some beautiful things in the house and a lovely large lake which is nearly always splendidly misty.

We shot one partridge about during the day. I and the agent; Crewe came out to lunch and walked a field or two afterwards, banal or solemnly silent; Lady Crewe came out to lunch splendidly robed and out of place but none the less delightful. Lord Madely† is a funny baby with huge blue eyes and masses of lemon coloured hair!

I got here yesterday to find only Baker and Raymond and Violet in one of her prettiest moods.

Its now pouring with rain and there is threatening an avalanche of Pauls and Jonahs and things.

Goodbye and if you have a moment, do write

Yrs ever
Edwin S. Montagu


† Sic.

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