Item 105 - Letter from F. W. Pethick-Lawrence to Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence

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Letter from F. W. Pethick-Lawrence to Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence


  • 6 Sept. 1905 (Produção)

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1 folded sheet

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In the train.—Is returning to London after two interesting days. He was impressed by the Trade Union men he met.

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In the Train
Sept 6, 05


I am on my way back to London after two days filled to the full & overflowing with vivid interest. There is something about these great Trade Union men deep, life giving, satisfying—a well of living water from which whosoever drinketh shall not thirst again. There is something which renders ridiculous the dicta of “tame economics”, the all-sufficient doctrines of “enlight-ened self-interest”. As one speaker said in proof of his belief that men educated at Ruskin Hall wd go back to their own class to stand by them “There is not one of the leading officials of the TUs who has not had at some time an offer of a good position (easier work, far better pay) from the employers; yet not one in a thousand has taken their opportunity of improving his own position”.

I feel that we are only just beginning to know these men, that when we come back from S. Africa, there is a whole new world to be visited & appreciated—a kingdom of ideas to be entered—a wealth of friendships to be won—an engrossing service to be performed—a supreme religion that they & we together are to hammer out of the underground ores of this our common life & smelt into the perfect relationship of our selves to one another & to God.

Littly I might be afraid that I shd prove unworthy of this lot but that in you I have the double assurance that your sweet strong pure life is in me with me & behind me and that in giving you to me God adjudged me worthy of tht† sacred trust.

Beloved I am yours
Laddie Boy


† Sic.

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