Item 143 - Letter from Venetia Stanley to Edwin Montagu

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MONT II/A/1/143


Letter from Venetia Stanley to Edwin Montagu


  • 1 July 1915 (Produção)

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[The British Hospital, Wimereux.]—Has received the books [on Judaism]. Outlines her plans for the next three weeks, including getting clothes for Russia and announcing their engagement. They had only a few new patients last night. She lunched with Conrad, and Gilbert may take her for lunch at the Cavalry Corps headquarters next week.

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      Thursday July 1st 1915.

      My darling thank you for the books which I got yesterday I’ll try & read them as soon as possible, but I’m not sure that a little judicious cramming of old Josephs at the last minute wont be more efficacious & I’m then very likely to remember it. Also as I’ve a fairly good verbal memory I might hope to flatter the old fellow by some verbatim quotations.

      Shall I give you an outline of my plans for the next 3 weeks, there is one thing which you wont quite like, but you are so good about my little vagaries that you’ll get over it. Stay here till Sunday afternoon: arrive Folkestone Sunday about 6. You meet me there and for almost the last time (for I think we ought to economise in petrol) motor me up to London where arrive about 10. We can have supper at your home. Monday I see about getting a few clothes for Russia, Tuesday Joseph. I suppose I ought to go to Alderley over that Sunday and perhaps stay there a few days till Tuesday or Wednesday with Mother. Saturday is the 24th. If you think it a good plan you can announce our engagement sometime the week after next. I daresay you are right and it is best to do that. I dont know where you would like to go after we are married. Would you get away at all or only for 4 or 5 days? I’ve no views about this so we shant fight about it. The only thing I should like to do would be, if we are still admitted there, to go to Penrhos for Bank Holiday, perhaps Friday to Monday night. The 5th is a Thursday. All that seems to fit in very neatly dont you think. How near it all seems now, we’ve talked about it for so long, I cant imagine that its really going to happen so soon. What do you think of that programme I’m not very set on any part of it if you think it dreadful, but I dont think you will. Penrhos will be peaceful and not full of people. I’ve not yet told Lady N. that I’m leaving.

      We had a few new patients in last night nothing very exciting and most of them leave again tomorrow.

      I had lunch with Conrad, he was rather sweet, we went for a little walk after, he’s a nice restful companion. I think for a short time after I come home, I dont know how long it will last, you’ll find me wonderfully tolerant of any old bore you confront me with. I almost hunger for Mikky.

      Are you away for Sunday?

      Its icy cold here.

      Has Parkie become your permanent doctor?

      It seems much less than a week since you were here. I’ve no fun in store for me for ages not all next week, except the possibility of going to lunch one day at the Cav. Corps Headquarters, Gilbert said he’d take me; but Ant. is going on leave so it may not be possible.



      Written at the British Hospital, Wimereux, in pencil.

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