Unidad documental simple 144 - Letter from Venetia Stanley to Edwin Montagu

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MONT II/A/1/144


Letter from Venetia Stanley to Edwin Montagu


  • 2-3 July 1915 (Creación)

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[The British Hospital, Wimereux, and by the sea.]—(2nd.) Pamela has written urging her to come home and look after Montagu, and informing her of Violet and Bongie’s engagement.—(3rd.) Discusses her feelings at the prospect of going home. She dined last night with Hunter, who has been very kind, as has Capel. Pamela has doubts about the proposed journey to Russia. Asks whether he has communicated with her father.

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      Friday evening July 2nd 1915

      My darling I am so miserable you should be feeling so unhappy, Pamela wrote to me that you wanted looking after and that I ought to come home and do it! She’s quite right, what a selfish devil I’ve been I am ashamed of myself but now I shall soon be back. Pamela also tells me of V’s engagement, neither Bongie nor Violet have said a word to me which is a decided sign of the times! I’ve had a delicious letter from Cynthia which I send you, you’ll like it.


      I started this letter last night but was overcome by sleep and am hoping for better a vein this morning. It’s a wonderfully inspiring day right in every way, wind, sun, & colour. I’ve spent a happy morning in bed till 11 and am now on the cliff, the one we walked along the first time you came here with Reggie. The only thing which clouds my day at all is the fact that instead of staying here for another two hours I have soon to go into Boulogne to get my bicycle pass renewed. Not that I use it much. I believe when it comes to the actual day I shall feel real regrets at leaving this place in spite of the dulness & discomfort. I shall only remember that from it I’ve had very many happy afternoons and that, if dull, it has also been very peaceful & impersonal. I shall always feel grateful to it, for no where else could I have got the detachment that I have found here. Still of course I shall be glad to get back, but considering all the delicious things I am coming to, I dont feel quite as elated as I expected.

      I think I am starting a poisoned thumb! I shall encourage it as a wonderful excuse for leaving next week with no bother or explanations, but its just like my luck that it should refuse to play its part!

      I dined with Hunter last night. I am afraid I am laying up for myself a huge store of Boulogne bores, when ever he is in London I shall have to have him to every meal that he wants to come to, he has been so fearfully kind. And then the divine Capel, I am under such a debt of gratitude to him that I can never repay him! You’ll agree when I tell you what he did.

      Pamela seemed to think Russia was rather doubtful now. I expect she’s right and that the Germans will be in Moscow just as we ought to be arriving, still that ought to add to the fun of the thing. I hope it wont be abandoned.

      Have you had any communication with father. I’m† think I should write to him to day and tell him I’m coming home. What do you think.

      I’m feeling rather gloomy myself so please dont be depressed, the war of course is ghastly, but I’m sure you are wrong about the other things which are worrying you.

      Its so lovely to day its hard to mind anything very much.

      Much love


      Written at the British Hospital, Wimereux, in pencil.

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