Pièce 12 - Letter from William Whewell

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Letter from William Whewell


  • 1 Nov. 1818 (Production)

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3 pp.

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WW understands that HJR must be working at his inscriptions, and may be about to publish some account of them ['Inscriptiones Graecae Vetustissianne', 1825]: 'Have you had time to embody any of your speculations and the results which they have suggested, or is it merely to be something in the way of materials for the few who have similar pursuits and sufficient industry, to work from, without the trouble of turning on several books? Is there any chance of getting at anything certain in the early history of the Greek, or have we drifted down the stream too far to be able to examine its source?'. WW is likely to give up philology for mathematics - especially since he has just accepted the office of mathematical lecturer. Robert Woodhouse has published a book on physical astronomy: 'It is like his other books...executed in no very neat manner but still good metal - so that at worst it may be melted down and coined over again. It will I have no doubt make its way into the Senate House - especially as we have Gwatkin [Richard Gwatkin] & Peacock [George Peacock] as moderators'. [Alexander] D'Arbly 'talks of writing something on the application of analysis to curves &c'. WW was surprised to find D'Arblay had taken his orders. 'If I go on here I shall I have no doubt become a worthy successor to James Wood'.

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