Unidad documental simple 19 - Transactions of the Philobiblon Society

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Crewe MS/19


Transactions of the Philobiblon Society


  • 1876–8 (Creación)

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Unidad documental simple

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1 volume (35 x 26 cm), containing 118 leaves and 7 loose sheets. Pages v, vii, and 1–220 have printed borders in black and red ink. Bound in leather. This book was formerly in a leather case with straps, which is now stored separately. Part of the case is detached.

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(Established 1854.)

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Historia archivística

As Crewe MS 17.

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Alcance y contenido

On the spine is stamped ‘Philobiblon Society’ and, at the foot, ‘1876.’ The contents are minutes of meetings, etc. (as in Crewe MS 17).

In the list below, only the first page of each item is indicated. The addresses are in London unless indicated otherwise. The member associated with each address is identified only on its first occurrence.

Loose inside front cover: Five printed copies of the rules of the Society, in various versions and states.

Loose inside front cover: Printed circular letter from Richard Monckton Milnes to the original members of the Philobiblon Society, 14 July 1853, with draft rules appended.

p. vii: Printed section title: ‘Meetings.’

p. 3: Minutes of a meeting on 8 July 1876 at Newstead, Wimbledon Park (residence of John Murray).

p. 7: Minutes of a meeting on 12 May 1877 at 24 Arlington Street (residence of Lord Houghton).

p. 12: Abortive minutes of a meeting on 23 June 1877 at St Dunstan’s, Regent’s Park (residence of Henry H. Gibbs).
(Struck through in pencil and marked ‘See p. 20’.)

p. 20: Minutes of a meeting on 23 June 1877 (as above).

p. 25: Minutes of a meeting on 2 Mar. 1877 at 6 Clifford Street (residence of Lord Houghton).

p. 27: Minutes of a meeting on 30 Mar. 1878 at 62 Rutland Gate (residence of Henry Reeve).

p. 30: Minutes of a meeting on 13 Apr. 1878 at 27 Queen’s Gate (residence of F. W. Cosens).

p. 33: Minutes of a meeting on 18 May 1878 at [1 Park Square, Regent’s Park?].
(The place of meeting is identified simply as ‘the Chambers of R. S. Turner’.)

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Paginated i–iv, 1–220, with two unnumbered flyleaves at the front and four at the back, and seven loose sheets.

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  • inglés

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