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Royal Society of Chemistry: Chemical Information Group

Synge was interested in online searching for information about chemicals. He was Honorary Treasurer of the Group.

Both H97 and H/98 were found in an envelope labelled by Synge 'Current CIG matters RSC organ. sheets [...] To take to London 1/12/86'; the material was divided into two for ease of reference
H/96: Correspondence and papers re Chemical Abstracts Service online searching system, 1984-1985
H/97: 1986-1987. Includes material re Conference on Multidisciplinary Approaches to Searching for Information about Chemicals', Oxford 25-26 March 1986 [see also F/62, G/215-G/222]; notice of Annual Chemical Congress on 'Chemistry at the Biological Interface', University College Swansea, 13-16 April 1987; invitation to Chemical Information Conference on 'Chemical Structures', Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, 31 May - 4 June 1987.
H/98: 1985-1986. Correspondence and papers re organisation of the Royal Chemical Society, possible changes to its structure and implications for the Chemical Information Group.

H/99: Papers from the Group's AGM 1987, found in Synge's inscribed envelope; letter arising March 1987.

British Nutrition Foundation: General correspondence

H/62: Jan-Aug 1976
H/63: Jun-Jul 1976. This relates to the response to an article 'Cancer: how to cut the risk' by O. Gillie, Sunday Times, 13 Jun 1976. Some members felt that Gillie was over-enthusiastic in his promotion of polyunsaturated fats and Synge drafted a letter to be sent to the Sunday Times. However, there was no consensus among Foundation members either on the merits of Gillie's article or on the best way for the Foundation to respond
H/64: 1977, 1979

Institute of Theoretical Astronomy

Theoretical astronomy was one of the areas of study covered by DAMTP. An abortive attempt by the astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle to become head of DAMTP resulted ultimately in the creation in 1967 of the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy.

British Nutrition Foundation: 'Memorandum to Food Standards Committee, MAFF [Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food] on Beer'

This was drafted by Synge for the British Nutrition Foundation in 1974. However, the Foundation felt that as 'no one present had sufficient knowledge of the technology of beer to reach an opinion' on the paper, it should be sent as an individual submission under Synge's own name.

H/59: 4pp manuscript draft + calculations, n.d.
H/60: 3pp typescript draft with manuscript corrections; 3pp typescript final draft, 18 Oct 1974
H/61: Correspondence re preparation of the paper and arising

'Cooperation in Europe'

In 1972, Batchelor invited Chairmen of European national committees of theoretical and applied mechanics to meet in Warsaw to discuss the idea of a European Mechanics Council. However the move provoked serious concern amongst senior members of IUTAM who took steps to prevent the meeting. However, the incident resulted in the establishment of a IUTAM study group to look into regional cooperation in general.

Mbadiwe, E.I.

Correspondence re research, publications, personal news. Mbadiwe came from the University of Nigeria, Nusukka to work with Synge for a period at the Food Research Institute, Norwich.

J/192: 1972–1974
J/193: 1975–1976
J/194: 1977–1979, 1981, 1984-1985

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