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Letter from Few and Co. Solicitors

Covent Garden - Due to the death of James Grahame and the departure of Patrick Stewart to India, John Herschel needs to appoint two new trustees to the Herschels trust fund [£12,000 in 3 per cent reduced Bank annuuities]. As WW is one of the other two trustees they need his signature.

Letter from Alexander Herschel

6 Ashley Rd., Cannonbury - AH securing WW's support and signature for a testimonial letter for his stand as a candidate for a lectureship on Natural Philosophy now vacant at the Andersonian Institute at Glasgow.

Letter from John Herschel

Collingwood - Macmillan are to publish JH's translation of Homer's 'Iliad' and he wishes to dedicate it to WW. On WW's suggestion he sent books one and two to Prof. Arnold [Matthew Arnold]. Bella [Isabella Herschel] 'never ceases talking of you and Mrs. Douglas's [Stair Douglas] kindness to her at Lowestoft'. JH has had another severe attack of bronchitis.

Letter from John Herschel

JH thanks WW for his notes to JH's translation of book twenty-four of Homer's 'Iliad': He has carried out all but one or two of WW's suggestions. JH thinks Homer must have written other books due to the abrupt end.

Letter from John Herschel

Collingwood - Could WW sound out Macmillan the publishers and see if they would be interested in publishing his translation of Homer's 'Iliad' - even though so many translations have now appeared. Another possibility would be to 'print (with some other pieces) selected passages, comprising all what are usually considered Homer's great passages'.

Letter from John Herschel

Collingwood - JH is having problems finding a publisher for his translation of Homer's 'Iliad'. JH has used WW's name in order to send Matthew Arnold - whom he does not know personally - books one and two, but fears they have different notions of English hexameters. Bella [Isabella] and Amelia enjoyed their stay at WW's. JH is feeling very old. He is pleased WW thinks Jevons [William Stanley Jevons] has taken too gloomy a view of the coal question, although JH cannot help thinking that 'there is course for very serious thoughts of our national future'. When coal supplies run out 'our civilisation will then have to fall'.

Letter from John Herschel

Collingwood - JH has sent WW his translation of book twenty-four of Homer's 'Iliad', and does not want WW 'to be sparing in criticism'. JH does not think he will find a publisher for it. JH is expecting Maria [JH's daughter] and her husband next Monday. Amelia Herschel will be escorted to WW's by Alexander Herschel who will then go straight to Norwich to give some lectures.

Letter from John Herschel

Collingwood - If JH's newly married daughter [Maria] and husband are now with WW could he give Maria the annexed. The wedding 'went off very prettily'. A Mr Prescott, a man of high scientific learning, very cultivated and an agreeable person, is going to take up residence in Cambridge. Prescott is an old Trinitarian and would like to be introduced to WW.

Letter from John Herschel

The wedding of Maria is fixed for the 12th of next month: 'The more we see of the young man the better we like him'. [Maria] can thus no longer take up WW's invitation to stay at the Lodge but Amelia can stay some time in early November. Julia Herschel is in Switzerland. JH has nearly finished his translation of all the books of Homer's 'Iliad'.

Letter from John Herschel

Collingwood - JH sends WW his translation of book fourteen of Homer's 'Iliad', and hopes WW is not getting too tired of the subject: 'for the very name of a translation of Homer is beginning to nauseate the Public'. JH notes that yet another hexameter translation is coming out 'by a Mr. Saxton or Simpson? or some such name!...I spare you that it is dead weight'. JH is still suffering from bronchitis. JH does not think he will be able to get his translation printed: 'Longman whom I contacted about printing the 1st half as vol. i. fights shy of it altogether and talks about the general prejudice against Hexameters etc'. William Herschel and his wife have arrived in Calcutta.

Letter from John Herschel

Collingwood - JH was not sure whether WW was abroad or not: 'So I now (taking it for granted that you are in College) send book xi which I finished not long since and am now advanced some way in book xii'. JH is thinking of publishing all the books he has translated so far of Homer's 'Iliad'. JH is still ill with bronchitis which he has now had since mid-January: 'when it goes , I fancy it will take me with it'.

Letter from John Herschel

Collingwood - JH sends WW book seven of his translation of Homer's 'Iliad' and has begun work on book eight. JH has not enjoyed translating book seven and is 'conscious of having done it less 'piously' than the others'. Book six has really benefited from some of WW's suggestions. William Herschel is to be married on Thursday. JH can not get rid of his illness [bronchitis - see JH to WW, 2 April 1864].

Letter from John Herschel

Collingwood - Thanks WW for his remarks concerning JH's translation of Homer's 'Iliad', and gives his reply to WW's comments. JH is thinking of stopping at book six and getting his translations printed. However he has started book seven - 'not to mind a pleasing book. Homer is too hard upon Hector in making him so evidently no match for Ajax'. JH has given WW's friend Mr Kindt [Hermann Kindt] 'a castigation' for criticising Pope.

Papers of Sir Andrew Huxley

  • HUXL
  • Arquivo
  • 20th-21st c.

This very large archive contains correspondence, lecture notes, writings, diaries, publications, subject files, and slides relating to Huxley's work in physiology.

Huxley, Sir Andrew Fielding (1917-2012), knight, physiologist

Papers of Frederic William Watkyn-Thomas and Diana Watkyn-Thomas

  • WATK
  • Arquivo
  • 1913-63

Diaries kept by Frederic Watkyn-Thomas (36 items, 1926-1963); diaries kept by Diana Watkyn-Thomas (27 items, 1929-1952), including her "Diaries of the War" series (12 volumes, 1939-1943) with another war diary not so titled from 1944. Both series include holiday diaries jointly written by husband and wife, describing their regular fishing trips to Scandinavia and Iceland and long summer stays there.

Frederic revised all the diaries in the last ten years of his life, adding dates and specifications such as '?Our last visit to Kolåsen' (B25); he also used a printed diary for 1956 to create a summary of the main events of his life from 1906 onwards, recording events on each day in previous years such as theatre performances, letters received, reunion dinners in College and holidays. He also revised the commonplace books in which he collected newspaper cuttings, wrote book revisions, reported conversations, and noted his observations on specific subjects throughout his life; in these revisions he added dates, subjects, and re-arranged the contents.

Thomas, Frederic William Watkyn- (1887-1963), surgeon

Notebooks, working notes, and patents

The paucity of material in this Section is regretted. It derives in part from Taylor's idiosyncratic working methods which led him to make random jottings on any piece of paper that came to hand; the folder in B.3 is characteristic, and many of the letters, committee papers and other documents in the collection bear notes, drawings and calculations of this kind. Even so, it is probable that many other notebooks have not survived.

Reports, articles, addresses, and papers

These consist of reports for government and advisory committees, drafts and typescripts for talks, addresses and papers, etc., presented chronologically. Some are photocopies obtained by G.K. Batchelor, and all are typescript unless otherwise indicated. When the item is accompanied by correspondence, this is noted in the entry and indexed.

The majority of these papers deal only with scientific research and problems, but a few of the later addresses include reminiscences and biographical material of historical interest.

Material published in The Scientific Papers of Sir Geoffrey Taylor, ed. G.K. Batchelor, IV Vol., C.U.P., is indicated in the form (SP....). With these exceptions, and any others noted in the entries, the items in this Section are unpublished.

A photocopy of the list of publications is reproduced by permission from Batchelor, Memoir, on pp.74 - 83.

Scientific correspondence

The material is presented alphabetically, with dates and a brief indication of any information of particular interest.

Taylor's undimmed scientific reputation, the high respect he enjoyed, and the eagerness with which younger scientists continued to seek and accept his advice, emerge with remarkable clarity from the letters, most of which date from the later period of his life.

As with the personal correspondence in Section A, only incoming letters usually survive. Professor G.K. Batchelor was, however, able to obtain originals or photocopies of Taylor's letters from some of his correspondents, and thus reconstruct a relatively complete sequence. Examples of this can be found at D.7, D.13, D.29, D.43-D.46, D.52, D.60, D.64, D.65, D.71, D.87.

Apart from these more substantial exchanges, some ms. drafts or copies of Taylor's replies to individual correspondents also survive. They are noted in the relevant entries. A full list is appended below for ease of reference.

D.6, D.7, D.9

D.10, D.12, D.13, D.14

D.21, D.24, D.29

D.30, D.35

D.41, D.44

D.50, D.52, D.53

D.60, D.64, D.65

D.71, D.72, D.74, D.76



Papers of Lord Butler

  • RAB
  • Arquivo
  • 1788-1982

Personal papers 1918-65; personal correspondence 1916-76; family papers 1788-1956; official papers 1904-68; official correspondence files 1933-66; general political files 1929 76; Conservative Party material 1933-64; constituency papers 1918-64; speeches and articles 1929-79; press cuttings 1926 76; photographs 1868-1964

Butler, Richard Austen (1902-1982), Baron Butler of Saffron Walden, politician

Letter and duplicated circular from William Charles Dowding

Encloses a pamphlet concerning the revival of Bishop Berkeley's College (not present, possibly Africa in the West: its state, prospects, and educational needs, with reference to Bishop Berkeley's Bermuda College, London, 1852?) and hopes that Whewell will lend his support to the project.

A New Introduction to Bibliography

Material relating to the original and revised editions of Gaskell's A New Introduction to Bibliography (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1972, rev. ed. 1974): early notes, later notes, revision, correspondence with the Oxford University Press, and original materials for illustrations.


Correspondence and papers relating to John Baskerville: a Bibliography, papers relating to his article 'Lay of the Case' in Studies in Bibliography, Papers of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia vol. 22, 1969; papers relating to a checklist of early stereotype books; papers relating to frisket fragments for red printing; a photograph album for 'A Census of Wooden Presses'; a typescript and offprint of 'The Principles and Problems of Cataloguing Early Books in Research Libraries' with a French translation and offprint from the Association de l'Ecole Nationale Superieure de Bibliothecaires, 1976; photomechanical copies of early printers proofs; and a bound typescript of 'Secret Lives', dated 1990.

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