Item 45 - Letter from Elizabeth des Amorie van der Hoeven to R. C. Trevelyan

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Letter from Elizabeth des Amorie van der Hoeven to R. C. Trevelyan


  • 7 Apr 1900 (Produção)

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1 item: letter with envelope

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10 Prinse[gracht], the Hague; addressed to Bob at The Mill House, Westcott, Dorking, Surrey. - Explains why she feels her days of 'pure musical enjoyment' are probably over and her feelings about this; knows he would like her to find musical interests in England, and she will try, but it is unlikely to be the same and she will have to go 'miles out of her way' to find it; would certainly like him to be there with her if she does find anything like the same milieu. Has had a kind letter from Bob's mother sending the programme for the concert; knows the Schubert quartet well; asks if Bob also heart the Beethoven serenade string trio. Very glad he feels he is understanding German more easily now; was disappointed when he declared on one of his first nights at Ede that nothing would every make him learn it, though he soon pleased her by offering to help Bramine to wash up the tea things. Her cold is gone: Emser pastilles are 'an excellent thing'. Has been having 'endless' conversations with her uncle about the wedding; this morning she was managing to keep her patience with his 'little objections and obstacles' but her aunt nearly lost hers. The conclusion is that Bob should write to the British consul at Rotterdam, Henry Turing, asking if he will be able to be present at the civil ceremony in the Stadhuis; he should send the letter through Sir Henry Howard, who has kindly written to Bob, and explain their plans to him; Thursday of Whit week is the best day. They should not ask the consul to be a witness, as her uncle wished, since then he would have to be invited to the breakfast and would be the only stranger there. Has been thinking about her wedding dress: looking at white silks, sketching out designs including a Watteau pleat as she loves these, and talking to her dressmaker. Funny that Bob has also been thinking about his clothes; would recommend high trousers and a frock coat, in a blueish rather than yellowish grey. Dutch men wear evening dress when they are married, but since Bob is an Englishman she thinks he should wear his frock coat. Asks whether it is in good condition; her aunt was saying yesterday that she was looking forward to seeing him 'well-dressed & in neat clothes... [for] the first time!'; tells him to bring some nice suits over too for other occasions. Haverschmidt, who wrote under the name of Piet Paaltjens, is the Dutch poet Bob asked about. Could not find the Heine song Bob tells her about; a Heine song she has copied out originally enclosed in turn. Went to an 'wonderful' concert last night by George Henschel and his wife [Lilian Bailey]; he sang the Schubert "Gruppe aus dem Tartarus", which [Thomas Sturge? or George?] Moore sang in Cambridge. Is very pleased with the silk she has chosen, which she describes. Tells Bob to enjoy himself at Holman Hunt's

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