Unidad documental simple 154 - Letter from Elizabeth Palumbo to R. C. Trevelyan

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Letter from Elizabeth Palumbo to R. C. Trevelyan


  • 29 Jan 1900 (Creación)

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Hôtel & Pension Palumbo, Ravello, Golfo di Salerno. - Thanks Trevelyan for his letter; has distributed the money he enclosed as he said and thinks it 'most kind & generous of him'; both servants thank him very much. Understands his requirements regarding the wine, which will be sent as he wishes. The weather has got worse since he left, 'pouring in torrents'; a family who were due to arrive today are 'weatherbound at Capri'. Mr Kershaw is 'coquetting with Mr[?] Streecher in the Chapel... he is rather older [emphasised] this year in spite of "efforts"'. Hears that the Cappucin Convento is likely to be opened again before long [after the landslide at Amalfi] if terms can be arranged with the 'municipio'; the carriage road through the tunnel will open again too, though only a few days ago some authorities were saying it was 'quite unsafe'. Mrs Reid is still here; is unlikely to leave Ravello this week as her cough has been so bad. Will let Trevelyan know when she has sent the wine to Mr Grandmont. Wishes him a 'very pleasant journey & every happiness' as he deserves it.

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