Item 184 - Letter from Lord Pethick-Lawrence to Lady Pethick-Lawrence

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Letter from Lord Pethick-Lawrence to Lady Pethick-Lawrence


  • 15 June 1946 (Produção)

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Office of Cabinet Delegation, The Viceroy’s House, New Delhi.—Discusses her arrangements in connection with his return home. ‘A stupid little mistake of ours is causing us endless trouble and may even wreck the whole scheme.’



Office of Cabinet Delegation, The Viceroy’s House, New Delhi
June 15. 46.

My dear.

I have just had two delightful & interesting letters from you written on June 7 & 12 {1}. Is it nt wonderful how quickly they come?

Of course I shall look forward intensely to your meeting me on arrival in London. When tht will be I still do nt at all know.

When I got your letter yesterday & wrote off to you in a hurry I had got the impression you meant to put off your trip to I W without waiting to learn my dates. But I gather from yours of 12th tht you have now got my explanatory letter & use your judgment with regard to I W along the lines I suggested. Of course I am quite confident you will make a wise decision & am only sorry my plans may make a change in yours necessary.

At the moment it seems scarcely likely tht I shall be home much if at all before the end of June, but I live in hope.

A stupid little mistake of ours in causing us endless trouble & may even wreck the whole scheme. You know how particularly annoying such things are. But even tht hasn’t got me down, & really when you come to think of it it is really rather wonderful tht we havent made more mis-takes, isn’t it?

The enclosed cartoon will amuse you. Show it to others. {2}

My dear I love you so very much.


I am hoping to play billiards tonight with Alexander.


This letter includes the abbreviated forms ‘tht’ for ‘that’ and ‘nt’ for ‘not’.
{1} PETH 8/78 and 8/81.
{2} Followed by ‘I am sending a duplicate to Esther.’, struck through.

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