Unidad documental simple 113 - Letter from Sylvia Lynd to R. C. Trevelyan

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Letter from Sylvia Lynd to R. C. Trevelyan


  • 11 Dec 1946 (Creación)

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5 Keats Grove, Hampstead, NW3 / Tillies Cottage, Forest Green, Dorking. - Thanks Bob for the 'delightful poems' [this year's "From the Shiffolds"]: the first poem beautifully 'mingles the landscape with the mythology' and makes her see the 'steep hill up to the Shiffolds in summer. Petronius 8 makes her think of her 'little house covered with Horsham stone'; cries to think she will never bake scones on the fire there as the cottage has been sold. If she manages to shake off her influenza, she will go next week to see 'Hoad the carter dismantling it & carrying everything away', but thinks she will probably leave it to chance. There has been an 'evil spell on the Lynds for the last two years'. Addresses Bob as 'dear poet' as she bids him goodbye and asks him to visit. Hopes the Lynds will 'come & look at Forest Green again'. Robert seems 'better at last' and has begun treatment with a masseur.

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