Unidad documental simple 11 - Letter from J. T. Sheppard to R. C. Trevelyan

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Letter from J. T. Sheppard to R. C. Trevelyan


  • 16 July 1920 (Creación)

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1 item: typed with autograph signature and postscript

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King's College, Cambridge. - Sorry to 'bombard' Bob: has seen Mr Bowes of Bowes & Bowes, the firm which usually publishes their acting editions, who says he cannot advise about printing until he knows whether Bob is going to do the whole translation. Asks if Bob can say as soon as possible: will hold off if he cannot decide yet, but it would be a 'great convenience' to be able to start printing; wants to know whether he can use Bob's "Agamemnon", cut as he has suggested [see 20/9], though modifications are possible as long as the length is not altered much and the 'musical scheme remains the same', and whether Bob will translate the parts of the "Choephoroe" and "Eumenides" needed. Also asks whether he has Bob's consent to negotiate with Bowes, or some other publisher; will submit any agreement to him for approval. Hopes that the effect of this abridged text on Bob's complete "Agamemnon" would be good; thinks that, with [Armstrong] Gibb's music, the 'abbreviated "Oresteia" has a good chance of being produced in both Greek and English, and hopes to do so himself one day at Cambridge. Would be a 'great help' to have Bob's estimate of when he could have the "Choephoroe" and "Eumenides" ready; would like to have the whole thing published in the autumn, if it can be done. It would be in a paper cover, with stage directions at a bare minimum and just a page at the beginning for Bob's 'editorial note' as it is necessary to keep costs down. Willing to meet Bob on 'every point of detail' to get his translation. Adds a note to say that Bowes thinks it possible that Macmillans might involve themselves in publication.

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