Unidad documental simple 3 - Notebook with translations of Euripides' "Medea" by R. C. Trevelyan

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Notebook with translations of Euripides' "Medea" by R. C. Trevelyan


  • c 1930? (Creación)

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Unidad documental simple

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One black hardcover notebook. 118 ff (lined pages) plus two plain flyleaves.

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Translation of "Medea" lines 774-1080; 1116-end; 1081-1230; 627-759. Stage directions for Trevelyan's "Sulla", including sketch of scenery; some lines of play text. Translation of Lucretius, "De Rerum Natura" line 96-199.

Book also used from other end in: Translation of "Medea" lines 184ff. "The Fig Tree"; "Cortona"; one of Trevelyan's "Epistolae ad Amicos" (in part written over pencil draft of "Sulla"). List of recipients of poetic "Epistolae": 'Julian. Hasan [Shahid] Suhrawardy (Rex [Suhrawardy's dog]), Nicky [Mariano]...', also list of topics for verse/essays. Verse, 'I have a friend who loves all homely things...'. Two loose sheets with list of poems from "Rimeless Numbers" and draft for a letter [?, no addressee's name] 'I don't know why, unless it be because I am fond of you and so welcome any excuse for writing a letter...'. More draft verse.

List of names under the heading 'Letters' on inside cover - [George?] Meredith, [Walt?] Whitman, Lascelles [Abercrombie] and others - as well as a draft of a piece on 'metrical theory and analyses' for 'Rimeless Numbers' [1932], which continues onto the flyleaves and other inside cover. Also a note of 'Madelina', corrected to 'Marlena' Dietrich's name with 'German film actress. Blau[e] Engel' written underneath.

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